Saturday, 17 January 2015

Dominic Burton March Interview

What was your role in Brothers Day?
 I play Dominic Ryan's right hand man.

What made you interested in the role?
I felt Dominic had a major part to play in the film which was to break up the hard scenes with comical and light hearted scenes. I've never played a character like Dominic before but can relate to the character in terms of having a laugh or making others laugh so thats what really drew me to Dominic. I think playing Dominic gave me a slightly different range, I have played characters like Loki on numerous occasions which is the character I originally auditioned for.

Did you enjoy playing this character and why?
 Yeah it was fun, Dominic thinks he's something he's not lol and he is quite dopey.

The tagline from the trailer is "Make your choice" Do you feel your character makes good choices or what advice would you give him?
Dominic makes choices by accident so it's in ignorance. My advice would be go to college

If you could play any character past or present from a film who would it be?t?
Denzel Washington's Alonzo Harris in Training Day

When did you first know you wanted to become an actor? 
I've always been around the arts as a kid dancing, rapping and acting, probably mid high school.

What  actors have inspired you?
Denzel Washington, Al Pacino, Ashley Walters, Tupac, Samuel Jackson & life.

BROTHERS' DAY premieres in Manchester in February. You can buy a ticket for the event here.

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