Friday, 9 January 2015

Leonora Moore interview

What was your role in Brothers Day?
I play Vicky

What made you interested in the role?
Honestly, my main interest was getting to work with Angel, under his direction, and alongside [actor] Lewis. Character wise though, I had only a few short scenes in the film, yet I felt they played a pivotal role in supporting and helping guide [Ryan]. Vicky had honourable intentions and a great inner strength, yet was put in tough emotional situations, so even though I could easily understand and empathize with her, it was an exciting challenge.

The tagline from the trailer is "Make your choice" Do you feel your character makes good choices or what advice would you give her?
Yes, she made good choices... but perhaps would have wished to get a little more involved in the physical 'action' too haha!

If you could play any character past or present from a film who would it be?t?
'Neytiri' from 'Avatar' or 'River' from Firefly :) !

When did you first know you wanted to become an actor? 
I think I always 'knew' myself that I wanted to become an actor, but was such a shy person growing up and believed that 'to act' you had to be a big, loud, over-exaggerated presence on stage, so never told my family or close friends, or in fact admitted it to myself. It was only after university and having lived abroad for a while by myself that I grew a bit more self-confident and began to learn a bit more about what acting was; I realised that rather than being a big loud caricature'd  presence on stage, acting was more about being truthful in each moment and bringing the parts of 'you' to a character/scene that nobody else could. For every scene you're a part of, there's a personal challenge that involves not just you, but the person/s opposite you. It can be mostly impulsive, but also sometimes intellectual and each actor is fighting for a different thing, so it can feel like a competition of sorts; you're always on your toes, you always feel alive. And then in parallel to this you have to allow yourself to surrender to and explore your range of emotions and connect without restraint to the other actor/s, it can be scary, but that's the fun of it ... and I totally fell in love with those ideas.

What  actresses have inspired you?
Quvenzhané Wallis from 'Beasts of the Southern Wild'. What a ball of pure, honest energy!
Hmm, if were talking just females? Sally Field, Natalie Portman, Zoe Saldana (she lands all the roles I'd kill to to play), Jennifer Lawrence, Rooney Mara.

BROTHERS' DAY premieres in Manchester in February. You can buy a ticket for the event here.

Next time we catch up with Brothers' Day Andre Burton - March, a.k.a Dominic

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