Saturday, 14 February 2015

Crew Interview - Luca Rudlin

What was your role in Brothers Day? 
Hey my name is Luca Rudlin CEO and founder of People Staring, I was the the DoP (Director of Photography) on Brothers' Day.

What made you interested in the role?
I had a keen interest in making films and camera work. Also having had previous experience working on short films and a few features I persuaded Angel (director) to let me play with the camera... Also I had a van..

What was your favourite moment during production?
Favourite moment during shooting was the chase scene through Rusholme. Gemma the production manager was cycling our self powered dolly... which some would call a bicycle... while I was getting the tracking shots of the chase, balancing on the back. While narrowly avoiding passing buses and getting my feet stuck in the spokes.

What was the biggest challenge you had on Brothers Day?
The early mornings...
The biggest challenge was achieving the shots we got on little to no budget. Working hard to make the shots truly unique! Also, when Angel said that a mattress, half a door, a water cooler, the dolly, camera equipment, fans, a roll of carpet etc. wouldn't fit in my van along with 5 passengers, I worked out a method to come to a solution, Taking inspiration from my years of Tetris.

Can you tell us about something unexpected, or maybe funny, happening on set?
Shooting from the side of my van (during the Chris and Co riding on their bikes), from the shot we  got you would never imagine how we managed to do it. Involving lashing the side door open of my Van, tripods, cutting the engine(for sound) pacing the bikes. But the end shot is awesome!

Who are your favourite filmmakers or influences?
Mathieu Kassovitz, Darren Aronofsky, Wes Anderson.

Do you have any interesting tips for filmmakers out there making their first film?
Pick up a camera and shoot! 
See what you like and see what you don't. If you like something on a film/advert/music video try and replicate it. Brothers' Day is a testimony to not needing a big budget (or budget at all) to produce something of a certain quality. Just dedication and surround yourself with good people! ...Also a few energy drinks here and there helps too.

BROTHERS' DAY is available to stream on VOD Worldwide now right HERE. 

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