Monday, 9 February 2015

The morning after!!

What a weekend!! Thank you to everyone who attended our Premiere and weekend of screenings, it was great to so see so many faces both familiar and new over the 3 nights!

A special thanks to everyone who travelled for the event- there were several people who had even travelled from other counties to see the film!

Massive shout out to Remi and Stainless and everyone who provided the music on Friday. To everyone who helped out on the door, giving raffle tickets, selling posters and of course to Louis and Paula at the venue for looking after us so well all weekend!

We had four great photographers covering the weekend, Amanda Seville ,Brant Adam,  Peter Walker, Natassia Bentley- keep an eye out for more of their event photos coming soon!

Remember the VOD release is now available worldwide so spread the word!

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