Friday, 18 March 2016

Brant Adam First assistant Director

What was your role in Brothers Day? 
I was 1st Assistant Director. My primary duties included helping the director organise the shoots, helping with crew & casting calls. On set I helped keep track of cue's for actors, and was a main port of call for any queries.

What made you interested in the role?
Initially I wanted to help anyway I could, and when Angel said I would be best for AD, I was pretty ecstatic.

What was your favourite moment during production?
Favorite moment. It was probably the day when Chris (Sound guy) kept on putting the boom mic right in Tristan's (who was operating the clapper board) face, as he tried to shout out the scene/shot number. It was even funnier as a video compilation.

What was the biggest challenge you had on Brothers Day?
The biggest challenge was probably any time you have an essential team member dropping out of a shoot. There was one occasion where the make up artists were unable to attend the shoot for the next day. My entire day was then filled up with ringing round every contact we had, ringing all relevant make up artists on Model Mayhem and other sites. On the plus side, make up artists always seem to be cheery and helpful over the phone

Who are your favourite filmmakers or influences?
Angel for sure. I remember we were talking about how to try and really “break-in” to the business and he said to me: “The only path I trust any more is hard work” and his work ethic is truly inspiring.

Do you have any interesting tips for filmmakers out there making their first film?
Visit your locations and listen out for any devices or equipment that is humming or buzzing. A fridge can be a real problem on set!

BROTHERS' DAY will be available on DVD from April 4th 2016 under the name 'BROTHERS'  Available to pre-order here now!

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